Renewal Technologies Inc.

A World-Class Centre for NLP-Based Training, Coaching, Consulting and Public Speaking

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Welcome to Renewal Technologies Inc. We have been providing NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) certification and personal development training and related services to individuals and organizations since 1996. Our administrative offices are located on Howe Island - about halfway between Gananoque and Kingston, Ontario, Canada. From here, we provide public (keynote) speaking, coaching, consulting and training services to individuals and organizations across Eastern Ontario and beyond.

We are constantly updating our skills and knowledge, exploring ground-breaking and innovative thinking and proven methodologies to create profound and generative organizational, professional and personal change.Roger Ellerton, NLP Trainers Please take your time to explore our site. In addition to our services, we offer NLP articles and suggested self-help and personal growth books.

Roger Ellerton, PhD, CMC is the managing partner and founder of Renewal Technologies Inc.

We do not have any employees. We work through a network of like-minded, self-employed professionals. New members of our network must have similar beliefs and values and bring skills and aptitudes that are synergistic with existing members and supportive of our clients. To join our team, you must either have worked with us or be highly recommended by someone we respect.

Renewal Technologies Inc. is an incorporated company in Canada and is listed in Industry Canada's database.

For Individuals

If you are going through or about to go through change either from an individual and organizational perspective, we can help. To assist you, we offer coaching, mentoring and training/education services for personal growth and organizational change. Our book Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up can be used in conjunction with other services or by itself to assist you with a better understanding of who you are, your potential and desires in life.

For Organizations

We offer a powerful context for change that raises your thinking about the 'problem' to a higher level; creates an experience of respect and integrity for the individual; and recognizes the requirements of the bottom-line. We are experts in helping you build a dynamic organization through powerful individuals coming together to achieve a common purpose. Whether your needs are for keynote/public speakers, facilitators, management development, team building, career transition or finding the balance between work and home, our approach will provide the context that will allow for the movement that you've been looking for.

Books and ebooks by Roger Ellerton

NLP book: Live Your Dreams NLP book: 5 step action plan NLP book: Parents' Handbook NLP book: Win-Win Influence Self-publish your books NLP and Personal Growth Thoughts Volume 1 Book: NLP Techniques Anyone Can Use

You can view all of my books on one page at Amazon or use the links below to take you to a specific book on your country's Amazon site. My books are also available through other fine online book retailers.

For additional information on these books, please see

Our Mission

Our commitment to you is to support you in the full expression of your authentic self - be that at work, at home or in the community. We believe that as you become more effective as a human being, everything you touch will expand. Our approach is to share with you the tools and the processes that will raise your level of thinking; allow for more powerful and elegant ways to accomplish your desires; and help you to adjust to changing environments with creativity, humour, compassion and respect for yourself and the people around you.

Our Values

  • We are committed to client service and quality.
  • We do what we say we will do.
  • We conduct our business ethically and legally.
  • We are a people-oriented company committed to personal evolution and the environment.
  • We adapt, develop and use the latest personal change technologies for our clients' benefit.
  • We strive for market leadership and take pride in our products and services.
  • We encourage decision making and initiative among all those involved with our company.

Our Services

We provide a full range of programs and services for organizational, professional and personal change, including:

  • Education: through public and in-house programs. Small groups ensure individual attention, relevant and practical topics and a forum for being heard.
  • Consulting/Facilitation: on-site and customized services to help you bridge the gap between the theory and "real life" back at the office.
  • Career Transition and Life Change Coaching. We offer hourly rates for one-on-one coaching or a series of small-group programs to help you create a life worth living. This includes a mentoring program for executives and self-employed business professionals.
  • Keynote and Motivational Speakers: to help change your thinking; challenge the status quo and prepare you and your staff/colleagues to be willing to move into the future.

Our Blog

To assist you on your journey, we have a blog that focuses on NLP and related subjects.