NLP and Personal Growth Books, CDs, DVDs, Videos and Online Training

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There is a wide variety of NLP, coaching and personal growth products available. You may ask, which books are the best NLP books? That depends on your interests, needs and background. The products listed on this page have been developed by some of the best NLP trainers and coaches from around the world. Many of the books are suitable for beginners, some focus on business, while others address therapy or sports. Explore what's available and how these products can make a difference for you, your family or your clients. Best wishes for success in all you do.

NLP and Hypnosis Books Available at

Most of the following books are also available for Amazon's Kindle. Click on the book's image to see the different formats that are available.

Click on this link for more NLP books available at This link will take you to Kindle NLP books that are available.

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NLP Online Certification Training

Online NLP practitioner certification training and online NLP master practitioner certification training are complete home study courses that allow you to earn your certification from anywhere in the world. Online training has many advantages. For example:

  • No travel and living costs.
  • Lower course fees and cost effective payment plans -- e.g. pay only as you access each module.
  • Study at home and learn at your own pace according to your schedule and needs -- Review the course material as often and whenever you want -- next week, next month, next year.
  • Direct ongoing timely contact with certified NLP trainers by email, telephone or Skype to enhance your understanding and comfort with the material.
  • Money back guarantee.

For more information on how to learn NLP online, click on the following image.

The LAB Profile®, short for the Language and Behavior Profile is a profiling method that enables you to uncover how people get motivated, think and make decisions. Be more persuasive, even with people who see the world in a different way than you do.

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Self-Help for Busy People

Paraliminals are audio tools designed to help your unconscious mind learn new ways to respond to what is going on in your world. They can help you to:

  • Eliminate negative self-talk and vaporize self-sabotage
  • Reach and maintain your idea weight
  • Address financial issues
  • Release emotions that block you
  • Break any habit
  • Energize
  • Boost your memory
  • Acquire a new behavior
  • Change memories
  • and much, much more...

Paraliminals are popular for two primary reasons:

  • It takes only 20 minutes. Simply pick the result you want, choose a Paraliminal CD, and listen. Then sit back and let the changes happen.
  • High-performance mental technology. Paraliminals are infused with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Accelerated Learning, Preconscious Processing, and Holosync.

You may purchase any of the Paraliminals individually, or you may purchase the entire collection.

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Use your powerful nonconscious, inner mind
to bring on the Ideal Life

The power for change - for great success in your life - bubbles in the vast internal resources of your "nonconscious" mind.

Use this power to bring on certain qualities of success and watch them ripple through your life creating what others will see in you as the Ideal Life.

These qualities - which we will help you use free of charge - include:

  • Profound states of calm, peace, serenity, inner quiet, and harmony
  • Pure focus so you feel assured, decisive, sharp, and committed
  • Success so you feel abundant, admired, proud, and satisfied
  • Radiance so you simply shine
  • Adventure and fun so you enjoy every moment of your life
  • Enhanced health and well-being
  • Creative thinking, which is an amazing elixir for today's world

Free of charge?

Yes, the mad scientists at Learning Strategies are acclaimed for the "Paraliminal" audio technology that guides your inner mind to do amazing things. Paul R. Scheele had created this technology to make it easy for all of us to experience our potential.

Put on headphones, push play, close your eyes, and go on marvelous inner adventures that get you closer to your goals and living an Ideal Life.

They've put together a special week of online experiences called the Ideal Life Mindfest to bring on those qualities and get you the success you want. All week long you will have a brand new set of Paraliminals for you to use free of charge.

It all begins on Monday, July 17. You simply need to get your Free Pass now, and show up for a week of amazing experiences.

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