How to Contact Us

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If you would like to register for our training programs, require information, have questions about our coaching, training or consulting services or comments on my articles or my books, I would appreciate hearing from you.

You can contact me, Roger Ellerton, Managing Partner, Renewal Technologies by e-mail at

Employment with Renewal Technologies Inc.

We do not have any employees. We work through a network of like-minded, self-employed professionals. New members of our network must have similar beliefs and values and bring skills and aptitudes that are synergistic with existing members and supportive of our clients. To join our team, you must either have worked with us or be highly recommended by someone we respect.

Connect with Roger Ellerton Online

If there is an opportunity for you to include a message, please include one such as "Visited your website" or "Interested in NLP" or something else meaningful, so that I know you are a real person and interested in connecting. Otherwise I may not accept your invitation to connect."

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Techniques Anyone Can Use

You can view all of my books on one page at Amazon or use the links below to take you to a specific book on your country's Amazon site. My books are also available through other fine online book retailers.

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