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Passion is the Key to Meeting Your Goals

By Roger Ellerton Phd, ISP, CMC, Renewal Technologies Inc.

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From time to time, you may feel a disconnect between what you are doing and what you want and value. Often this disconnect arises due to lack of clarity on what you desire. Without clearly defined outcomes, you tend to mindlessly repeat what you have done before.

Many successful people and teams, credit their success to having expressed their desires in terms of SMART goals:

  • S (specific and simply stated).
  • M (measurable and meaningful).
  • A (achievable).
  • R (realistic and responsible).
  • T (timed [have a specific date in mind] and focused toward what you want).

However a significant percentage of those who set SMART goals do not fully achieve their dreams. This may occur for two major reasons:

  • They are confronted with unforeseen and unwanted side-effects (on their family, work environment, community or their own health) that end up receiving their attention. That is, they did not stand back and take a systems perspective before working on their goal.
  • They lack passion for achieving their goal - perhaps it's something their boss, parents, spouse or children want for them or something they think they should do.

Taking a systems perspective, lets you to see the potential impact on your family (or specific members), work environment and your health. This allows you to modify your goal accordingly or to take actions that mitigate any negative consequences.

Without a real yearning or passion for achieving your goal, it is only a series of words. Your passion drives your activities and success. It dominates your conversations, your thinking, your actions and your very being. You will fail to achieve an outcome if it is lifeless, too bland or one that someone else has imposed on you.

To address these two issues, it's time to move from "SMART" to "MASTERY". Notice that MASTERY has the same letters as SMART plus:

  • E (ecological - what will be the impact on you, your family or workplace?).
  • Y (yearning - are you truly passionate about this goal?).

To be successful in life, you need to know what you want, express it clearly and succinctly, be aware of the consequences and have a passion for achieving it.

Make MASTERY the difference that makes a difference in your personal and business life.

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Author: Roger Ellerton is a certified NLP trainer, certified management consultant and the founder and managing partner of Renewal Technologies. The above article is based on his book Win-Win Influence: How to Enhance Your Personal and Business Relationships.

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